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A Multi Token World

Permissionless Innovation

Ethereum always has always promoted permissionless innovation. ERC-1155 is the latest in an already impressive array of examples, and is being developed and used actively by everyone from game developers to prediction market makers.

Better Governance

Our Mission

Continue reforming financial systems by creating liquidity and efficient market mechanisms for any kind of digital asset. Promote new use cases, like prediction markets, to enable better decision-making and collaboration at scales never before seen.

Enabling Community Money

Safe and Secure

Safely send, store and receive all your crypto assets with the most secure smart wallet in the world.

Become a Pioneer

DEXs and dFusion

Help us with cutting-edge research on running decentralized exchanges on public and permissionless networks.

Secure Markets for Everyone

Price discovery mechanisms have changed the world. Now, we can ensure they remain free and unstoppable forever, as well as grant anyone with an internet connection the ability to use them. This is a revolution in what — and how — we value.