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About the Zodiac Delay Modifier#

This modifier allows avatars (accounts) to enforce a time delay between when a module initiates a transaction and when it can be executed by an avatar.

Read more here. For a more technical guide on how to use the Delay Modifier beyond the Zodiac App interface, see the Github repo Setup Guide.

Setup a Gnosis Safe#

If you've already set up a Gnosis Safe you'd like to use for this tutorial, skip to the next step below.

If not, check out the Gnosis Safe Help Center. The Create a Safe tutorial will walk you through the full process of creating a new Gnosis Safe account in just 60 seconds.

Note that for the purposes of this tutorial, we'll be using a Gnosis Safe deployed on the Rinkeby testnetwork. You can create a Gnosis Safe on Rinkeby at

Navigate to the Zodiac App#

On your Gnosis Safe's left menu, click the APPS option. Here you'll find apps available through Gnosis Safe. Scroll to the end of this list, and you'll find the Zodiac App.

Zodiac App in Safe Apps

Once entering the Zodiac App, you'll see the current Zodiac compliant collection of tools that have a Zodiac App interface.

Zodiac App