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About the Zodiac Exit App#

This app works in companion with the Zodiac Exit Module.

The Exit App provides a friendly interface to redeem a designated token for a proportional share of an avatar's (Safe or other account’s) ERC-20 and native digital assets, similar to Moloch DAO's rageQuit() function. With the Exit App, members can even exit by redeeming an NFT (ERC-721) they hold.

This tutorial is for using the standalone Exit App site or the Exit App available as a Safe App.

Note: The Exit App can only be used with Safes equipped with the Zodiac Exit Module. Click here for more information on the Exit Module.

If you need support or have questions about this tutorial or Zodiac, join the Gnosis Guild Discord:

Navigate to the Zodiac App#

There are two ways to find the Exit App depending on your use case.

  • Standalone version: If you are a member exiting with a web3 wallet, visit Using the standalone version of the Exit App will be the most common.

  • Safe Apps version: If you are a member exiting a Safe while using a Safe account to store your redeemable assets, find the Exit App through the Safe Apps list in your Gnosis Safe. (Instructions: On your Gnosis Safe's left menu, click the APPS option. Here you'll find apps available through Gnosis Safe. Search or scroll until you find the Exit App.)